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Regional roadshow events throughout Germany well received by customers

After the successful roadshow kick-off event in Erfurt on 31 May 2017 with around 100 customers, the entire national sales and support team spent two weeks travelling around the country, presenting the QUNDIS company and product news at eight regional roadshow events.

Around 100 further customers took part in the various local events held in the cities of Frankfurt/Main, Neuss, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg – compared to the year before this was once more an increase in customer numbers. Feedback from customers also indicates that the concept of regional events with an average of 10 – 15 participants is very well received. In particular the general discussions and question-and-answer sessions in small groups were regarded as highly positive.

At the regional customer events the focus was once more on strategic developments at QUNDIS, together with trends on the market and within the industry. In addition the roadshow team presented new products and developments such as the Q water 5.5 radio water meter and the Q smoke 5.5 radio smoke alarm.

At a live software presentation the technical support team presented the system benefits and easy operation of the optimised remote data readout system, in combination with the smart metering platform Q SMP. Automated remote meter readout is becoming increasingly important and represents a subject which is highly important to customers, above all with regard to the changes in the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the digitalisation process.

In Germany QUNDIS GmbH is among the country’s most successful suppliers of devices and systems for the metering and billing of heat and water consumption.  In Erfurt the company manufactures products such as heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters under the label “Made in Germany”. Its customer base includes metering services, OEM partners and the housing industry.  Innovation is a central component of the QUNDIS corporate philosophy, which was confirmed at Germany’s 2016 SME Summit when the Erfurt company was awarded the TOP 100 Prize as “Innovator of the Year”. The QUNDIS systems for remote meter reading, which also include smoke alarms, are in use in over 6 million homes in over 30 countries.

For more information please see: www.QUNDIS.com