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Update of the QUNDIS Smart Metering Platform

QUNDIS Smart Metering Platform (Q SMP) receives update QUNDIS Smart Metering Platform (Q SMP) receives update

QUNDIS optimises fully automated remote meter reading with a new software version for its Smart Metering Platform

In January QUNDIS GmbH implemented a comprehensive update of its QUNDIS Smart Metering Platform (Q SMP). The Erfurt manufacturer of metering devices has developed a range of new features on the basis of customer feedback over recent months. In addition the Q SMP update includes improvements in operating stability and security.

New functions simplify the operation of Q SMP

Users of Q SMP who are administrators now have the possibility of adding further users to their user account or removing them again. These users have all the rights they need to set up transmission profiles and gateway administration. This enables greater flexibility in setting up automatic meter reading networks (AMRs).

Setting up remote meter reading now even simpler

If in the past a user wished to set up a new gateway via the Q SMP, it was always necessary to link a specific network node (Q node 5 or WTT) with the device manually. This intermediate step is now no longer necessary. Thanks to the update, Q SMP users now only need to select the number of the AMR network. After that the Q SMP automatically allocates to the gateway whatever network node has the strongest reception signal. At first sight this is a minor improvement, but it makes the entire application much more user-friendly.

In addition, thanks to the new Q SMP software version 1.8 the transmission profile now has more selection options, which means that users can adapt the data transfer to their requirements even more effectively. Among other features, for example, the pre-defined data designations of scan files can be selected. When data transmission to an SSH-FTP server is set up, it is now possible to de-select the compression of read-out data into a ZIP file. The ZIP file password is also no longer mandatory but optional.

Industry expert Klaus Hummel explains the Q SMP

QUNDIS is offering a special feature for those who require support for Q SMP: at www.Hummel-hilft.de industry expert Klaus Hummel presents useful video tutorials, including a tutorial on the installation of gateways and configuring the Q SMP. Users can follow the step-by-step instructions in the clips, and download useful forms and documents.

In Germany QUNDIS GmbH is among the country’s most successful suppliers of devices and systems for the metering and billing of heat and water consumption. In Erfurt, Thuringia, the company manufactures products such as heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters under the label “Made in Germany“. Its customer base includes metering services, OEM partners and the housing industry.  Innovation is a central component of the QUNDIS corporate philosophy, which was confirmed at Germany’s 2016 SME Summit when the Erfurt company was awarded the TOP 100 Prize as “Innovator of the Year”. QUNDIS remote metering systems, which include smoke alarms, are in reliable operation in more than 6 million residential units in over 30 countries.