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The firm of Multimat installs the Q SMP solution

The firm of Multimat in Clamart, France, is now applying the Q AMR + Q SMP system in Paris

The firm of Multimat, Clamart, is using the QUNDIS Smart Metering Platform within a Paris building on the rue du Télégraphe in the 20ème arrondissement. In the nine-storey apartment block Multimat has linked the Q SMP solution with the QUNDIS Q AMR remote readout system.

After around 200 Q water water meters equipped with AMR radio modules were installed Multimat then fitted 5 autonomous Q node 5 network nodes, for the purpose of recording the radio data transmitted on a daily basis by the water meters from the basement to the ninth floor.

The Q node 5 network nodes are installed in the technical equipment rooms on every second floor, but after checking the signal range it was found that installing a Q node 5 would also have been possible on every third floor instead of every second one.

The first network node which is activated is identified as the master node, and also has the task of communicating with the Q gateway 5. Accordingly it has also been located near to the gateway, which is installed on the ninth floor. Multimat then activated the autonomous gateway, which is fitted with a multi-operator GSM card, by simply pushing a button. The detection of the Gateway and the network nodes was quickly confirmed by the QUNDIS call centre.

The Q SMP service covers the supply of pre-configured gateways, the readout of the data, the hosting of the data with IBM and the transmission of consumption values, either on a weekly or a fortnightly basis. In the coming weeks a tool will be installed which enables the network to be monitored via a web interface. The first automated readout of all 200 meters took place on Friday, 22 January.

Founded in 1957 by Francis Giacomoni, the firm of Multimat is today managed by his children. It is based in Clamart, with sales offices in Lille and Lyon. (www.multimat.fr)