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QUNDIS awarded EMAS certificate by the Erfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry

QUNDIS has now received the European Union’s seal of approval for certified environmental management (EMAS), placing it among pioneering companies in the field of sustainability. EMAS certification, which represents the highest recognition for corporate environmental protection, was awarded by the Erfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry after an extensive auditing process.

Commenting on the award QUNDIS CEO Thomas Röhrl states: “The achievement of EMAS certification confirms the success of our sustainability strategy, which is based on a highly developed environmental and pollution management system,” adding: “After months of hard work, in-depth analysis of our production processes and the establishment of ecological concepts, we are now proud to be an EMAS-validated company.”

Since the beginning of the year all production processes at QUNDIS have been subjected to close examination and optimised in line with the EMAS guidelines. QUNDIS attaches great importance to products and manufacturing processes which are free from harmful substances a process which starts at the product development stage and involves the close integration of suppliers. “A special feature of our products is their so-called ‘ultra-low-power design’. This design principle ensures many years of operation without the need to replace components or batteries prematurely. Products from QUNDIS help to conserve energy and resources, and our manufacturing processes are designed in line with this criterion,” adds Thomas Röhrl.

Within the scope of EMAS certification QUNDIS has drawn up an environmental declaration in which the company’s direct and indirect environmental impact, consumption of materials, energy requirements and environmental targets are transparently communicated to the public. This declaration is available on the Internet for everyone who wishes to obtain an overview of the company’s environmental balance. To develop the programme QUNDIS set up a dedicated environmental energy team which, together with an independent state-certified expert, is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the key data. As a result the environmental declaration is subject to an ongoing update process. Annual audits are required for the purpose of maintaining EMAS certification

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is the voluntary system operated by the European Union which supports companies and organisations of all sizes and industries in ensuring the continuous improvement of their environmental status. In Germany 1202 organisations have currently been awarded the EMAS seal of approval, 47 of them based in Thuringia there.