Tender texts

For building planners and architects, we offer a selection of tender texts for our products. These are specially tailored to the requirements of tender procedures.

We will be happy to send you the required tender texts on request. Please contact your known sales representative or fill out the following contact form.

Which tender texts do you need?

Multiple selection possible:
Heat cost allocator Q caloric 5.5 (housing version P2)Heat cost allocator Q caloric 5.5 (housing version P3)Heat meter Q heat 5.5 R (radio integrated, IST, TEC, AMS)Heat meter Q heat 5.5 R (radio integrated, QDS)Heat meter Q heat 5.5 US R (radio integrated, ultrasonic)Heat meter Q heat 5 (incl. radio add-on module)Smoke alarm Ei650i (Bauweise Typ A)Smoke alarm Ei6500-OMS (Bauweise Typ C)Water meter mechanical Q water 4 (incl. radio add-on module)Water meter electronic Q water 5.5Radio add-on module for Allmess water meter Q module 5.5 water AllmessNetwork node Q node 5.5Gateway Q gateway 5Gateway Q gateway 5.5 direct

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