General purchasing terms and conditions for suppliers

Terms and Conditions

Integral part of all purchasing and supply contracts QUNDIS concludes with the supplier are the General Purchasing Terms and Conditions. These documents regulate the cooperation which ensures the high quality of our products significantly.

Code of Conduct

For QUNDIS maintaining sustainable business relations with all suppliers is a matter of priority. For this reason we have specified minimum standards in a code of conduct which you as the supplier must comply with.

QUNDIS Code of Conduct
(PDF file, 36 KB)

Handling of substances and goods

Our R17 guideline ensures that substances and products are handled in compliance with environmental rules and industrial safety regulations and that these principles are applied while all intermediate and final products concerned are undergoing development, manufacture, use, recycling and disposal.

General Requirements for boards and panels

Our R04 guideline has the goal, to ensure that PCB supplier are aware of the requirements at the evaluation and delivery of boards and panels at QUNDIS GmbH.


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