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Thomas Röhrl is now board member of the KNX-Association

QUNDIS CEO Thomas Röhrl is now board member of the international KNX-Association. In this role he is responsible for the strategic direction of the community: networking, strengthening relationships and bringing in QUNDIS know-how about system technology for buildings.

In Germany the KNX-Association has 26 member companies from various branches which produce system technology for single-purpose and residential buildings. By now 401 companies from 37 countries joined the world wide active KNX-Association.

The KNX standard (Konex-bus) is a fieldbus, which enables cross-device and secure communication of system technology for buildings. It is compatible with the communication architecture of the Open-Metering-System and thus compatible with many QUNDIS meters. Main objective of the KNX-Association is to establish their communication standard as the world’s leading. Therefore the community supports system integrators, planners, manufacturers and training centers to network with each other. More information about the KNX-Association Germany is available at www.knx.de.