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Innovation rooted in tradition.

QUNDIS has a 30-year tradition in reliable and systematic data recording. This is why we refer to our applications as system solutions. They are based on products which operate together on the building block principle.

From the electronic heat cost allocator to the ultrasonic heat meter, from the radio module to the network node. QUNDIS products are in reliable operation in more than 6 million residential units in over 30 countries.

We support “Baumpaten Thüringen”.

QUNDIS has been supporting Baumpaten-Thüringen since July 2022 and would like to continue doing so over a long period of time. The plan is to have a forest of its own consisting of trees planted with the help of QUNDIS. Thanks to an initial donation from QUNDIS, 300 trees have already been planted. By 2025, we want to further expand our commitment and aim for a number of 5,000 new trees.

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