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Innovation rooted in tradition.

QUNDIS has a 30-year tradition in reliable and systematic data recording. This is why we also refer to our applications as system solutions. They are based on products which operate together on the building block principle.

From the heat cost allocator to the ultrasonic heat meter, from the radio module to the network node. QUNDIS products are in reliable operation in more than 6 million residential units in over 30 countries.

We support Plant For The Planet.

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In a study on "heating periods from 2012 to 2016", 71% of tenants from #Munich and #Berlin stated that they had become more economical with their #heating energy ever since they had received transparent access to their consumption data.

What have you done for #Humanity today? Be a member of the QUNDIS family to ensure the #sustainable use of our #resources!

By 2030 #Europe will need twice as much #water than today. We are working on using our #resources as consciously and efficiently as possible. Only the #consciousness of how much a person consumes makes him act differently. (Source:

Figures that make us proud! QUNDIS devices avoid 5 million tons of CO2 emissions every year. This is roughly equivalent to the CO2 emissions of a #megacity of 500,000 inhabitants such as #Lisbon! #sustainability #LäuftbeiQUNDIS