Remote meter reading by QUNDIS:

The automatic system for recording heating and water consumption

QUNDIS offers you a complete system for automatic remote meter reading based on the latest technology. The advantages for you are fully automated readouts without having to make an appointment with the occupant. In addition, you save a large part of your personnel costs.

For you as a metering service the Q AMR all-round remote meter reading solution can carry out all the tasks involved: from reading the meter to transmitting the data to your system. You can also connect your billing system directly to the Q AMR system. The data is recorded fully automatically and is immediately available, e.g. for tenant information during the year. All settings and requirements can be conveniently controlled from your desk.

How does remote meter reading via Q AMR work?

To put the QUNDIS remote meter reading system into operation, at least one gateway (for larger systems additional network nodes) and one consumption meter are required. The meter records the consumption data and sends it by radio signal to the direct gateway or via network node to the Q gateway 5. The gateway sends it to the QUNDIS smart metering platform.

Here, metering service providers can define the transmission intervals to their own server. Such a system can be extended at any time by any number of meters and network nodes. This is why it works for building complexes of all sizes.

Since both the meters and the network nodes record and store all data , the data is backed up regularly. The chance that recorded consumption quantities will ever be lost is thus reduced to a minimum.

Data security is ensured: All data is transmitted between the AMR network and the server in encrypted form. There are no reference points which identify the apartment unit and the device during data transmission. The data can therefore only be assigned by the metering service provider. Personal consumer data is never transmitted. This ensures data protection for end consumers.


Low personnel costs

No access to apartments is necessary. Loss of time due to problems with making appointments etc. is a thing of the past.

Lower follow-up costs

Metering service providers do not need their own IT infrastructure for recording consumption data. An Internet-capable computer is all it takes, because the data is transmitted by email.

No mobile phone management necessary

QUNDIS implements the SIM card and mobile phone management under the monthly service charge for the gateway.

Simpler, faster, more precise

The readout process is simplified and fast for everyone. At the same time, data metering is more precise because the readout date is always met.

Different building sizes

The Q AMR automatic remote meter reading system can be expanded as required.

Independent of device & manufacturer

Thanks to OMS support, devices from different manufacturers (including electricity & gas) can be integrated into the QUNDIS remote meter reading system.

Transparency for tenants

Tenants can immediately see when and how much they have consumed. This motivates them to save energy.

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A pioneering combination of automated remote meter reading and secure data processing.

This is how the QUNDIS Q AMR remote meter readout functions in combination with the Q SMP Smart Metering Platform

The QUNDIS Smart Metering Platform (Q SMP) is the next step towards the full automation of your remote meter readout operations. While the QUNDIS remote meter readout (Q AMR) enables the recording of consumption data from a distance, the operation is controlled and monitored by Q SMP.

Q SMP makes the required meter data available to metering services in a fully automated way in various file formats by email or SSH FTP. Metering services now no longer require their own data servers for this purpose. Hosting is implemented by us in cooperation with IBM.

The structure of Q SMP

The requirement for the use of Q SMP are our gateways Q gateway 5.5 direct and Q gateway 5. After it is put into operation in the building, the gateway is configured via Q SMP. After that it transfers the data of the remote meter readout system to the metering service company. The data consists of the latest values provided by the heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters. Transmission is implemented automatically by radio – either twice a month, weekly or daily.

Q SMP: all data secure and available for immediate use

The consumption data which is recorded is immediately available for use in Q SMP, e.g. for the building of heating and incidental costs or for analysis purposes. Supplementary applications such as tenant portals and apps can also be integrated by interface.

All the data flows of the QUNDIS Smart Metering Platform are encrypted and subject to German and European data security standards (GDPR). As the user you have full control over your data.

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Smoke alarm

The Ei6500-OMS from QUNDIS is one of the quality products on Europe’s smoke alarm market. The integrated radio module enables status reports to be transmitted via the tried-and-tested QUNDIS remote readout systems.


Network node

The Q node 5.5 network node is at the core of the Q AMR remote readout system, receiving the consumption data from the meters and distributing it within the network. The individual network nodes can provide all readout values by communicating with each other. Values are read out on-site by radio or by cable connection via any available node.


Smart Meter Gateway

The Q gateway 5 and the Q gateway 5.5 direct implements the remote readout within the building. The data are transmitted via mobile transmission. All the administrative and data recording operations of the gateway can be conveniently controlled via the web portal of the Q SMP smart metering platform.