The system for mobile meter reading.

Q walk-by operates without the need to enter flats or offices. The meter reading service receives the data simply, fast and securely in the publicly accessible areas of the building. Where installations are not too extensive the data can even be recorded from outside the building.

Q walk-by uses measuring devices which, at a predefined point of time, send consumption data to a mobile data collector. From there it is transferred to a mobile end device.

  • low life-cycle and service costs
  • simple and fast readout of data
  • time-saving operations
  • no need to arrange an appointment with the tenant
  • no project planning and fitting of data collectors required
  • wireless readout – no need to enter the apartment
  • fast, electronic data transmission
  • metering devices from other manufacturers can be integrated via impulse adapters

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Q walk-by – mobile consumption data readouts the easy way

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Smoke alarm

The Q smoke 5.5 from QUNDIS is one of the quality products on Europe’s smoke alarm market. It combines innovative electronics with extensive funcionality, maximum reliability and outstanding radio performance. The integrated radio module enables status reports to be transmitted via the tried-and-tested QUNDIS remote readout systems.


Mobile data collectors

The mobile data collector Q log 5.5 forms the basis of the Q walk-by remote meter reading system. The battery-operated device receives the S- and C-mode radio protocols of the measuring devices securely, fast and at a considerable range. After that it transfers the consumption values to the laptop or Windows tablet plug and play via Bluetooth. Thanks to an auto-off function the rechargable battery holds up to 10 h. It is also possible to use the Q log 5.5 for read-outs of mixed S- und C-mode installations.


Tablet/laptop with readout software

The Tablet or laptop is at the core of mobile data readout operations. It receives the data from the mobile data collector via a Bluetooth interface. At the same time the integrated ACT46 readout software controls and monitors data transmission. The extensive import and export functions of the QUNDIS software guarantee optimal adaptation of the system to the existing data processing structure.