Q app & Q tool – The new dream team

Digitalising your field processes

The digitalisation of your field processes has reached a new level thanks to the new dream team from QUNDIS – the Q tool & Q app.

The work of fitters and meter readers in the planning, installation, start-up and meter reading of buildings is made considerably easier.

In perfectly coordinated interaction, the Q tool and Q app perform the function of a digital assistant, with a clear focus on efficiency.

  • A further building block for the digitalisation of field processes
  • Optimal and cost-efficient Q AMR network planning
  • Monitoring of live start-up during installation
  • Time-saving device and installation management
  • Consolidation of the QUNDIS service software and the hardware tools
  • Simple, intuitive operation

Image brochure

(PDF-Datei, 6 MB)

Q app

The digital assistant for your field processes. An open interface architecture and intuitive operation highlight the efficiency and user-friendliness.

  • Q walk-by readout
  • Management of devices and lists
  • Set up of installation directories
  • Installation support of Q AMR & Q gateway 5.5 direct systems
  • Upgrade of Q walk-by installations


Q tool

The multi-functional tool in perfect interaction with the Q app. Extremely easy to use and immediately ready for use, without prior configurations.

Firmware updates are provided via the connection to the Q app.

  • System & device installation
  • Radio readout & data forwarding
  • Device maintenance & service