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Q AMR provides automated meter reading for buildings of all sizes. The values are transmitted securely and reliably to the service provider using a GSM phone network or broadband cable. The data is available immediately for the invoicing of heating and operating costs as well as the display of statistics for the housing industry and consumption patterns.


Q walk-by operates without the need to enter flats or offices. Instead the meter reading service receives the data simply, fast and securely in the publicly accessible areas of the building. Where installations are not too extensive the data can even be recorded from outside the building.


Q M-Bus is based on the European ‘meter bus’ industrial standard. The main features of this wired remote data reading system are a high level of flexibility and secure data transmission. It is especially recommended for use in buildings where the wireless transmission of data is less suitable because of the design of the building.


All devices in the Q opto series have a close-range optical interface (IrDA). With the IrDA interface the data exchange is implemented across short distances by infrared light. Q opto enables the reader to compare current consumption values with the previous year’s data.


Q basic covers devices which are read individually and directly by visual contact. The measuring results are recorded manually by the reader.

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Type of consumption data recording

visual / IrDA by radio wired by Internet
Solution Q basic / Q opto Q walk-by Q M-Bus Q AMR + Q SMP
High level of automation + ++ +++ +++


Safe investment ++ +++ +++ +++
Low follow-up costs + ++ +++ +++
Fast meter readout + ++ ++ +++
Readout possible during the year + ++ +++ +++
OMS compatibility + + +++ +++
Used for building automation ++ +++
Access to premises required ++ +++ +++
Remote data transfer directly to office + ++ +++
Expandability of the solution + +++ ++ +++
+++ = recommended solution
++ = 2nd-best solution
+ = basic solution
= not available