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Smoke alarms, also referred to as ‘fire alarms’, detect smoke and sound the alarm in the event of a fire: They attract the attention of anyone in the vicinity with a loud beeping noise and a visual signal.

In Europe smoke alarms must comply with the DIN EN 14604 certification standard. This standard contains the following provisions:

  • The smoke must be able to penetrate into the device from all sides.
  • The openings for the smoke must not be wider than 1.3 mm. This prevents any dirt from penetrating.
  • The sound level of the alarm must be at least 85 dB at a distance of 3 m.
  • If the batteries run down the smoke alarm must emit a warning sound at least 30 days before the necessary battery replacement.
  • It must also be possible to test the functions of the smoke alarm.

The Q smoke from QUNDIS goes beyond the required functional scope. It combines innovative electronics with minimum size and maximum reliability. By means of a photoelectric process the device quickly identifies hazardous concentrations of smoke, and sounds an acoustic alarm in the event of a fire.

Because smoke alarms are naturally subject to the accumulation of dirt, their functional capacity diminishes over the years. This is not the case with Q smoke! Our devices compensate for any accumulation of dirt by automatically adjusting the basic signal. This provides them with two and a half times the product life of smoke alarms without this compensation function. Thus, false alarms will be avoided for the most part. Thanks to the integrated battery, the Q smoke achieves a durability of at least 10 years.

The result: the Q smoke is 100% reliable and in addition fulfils strict quality requirements.

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Radio-controlled smoke alarm Q smoke 5.5 R with remote inspection

Radio technology simplifies processes and saves costs.

The Q smoke 5.5 R can be remotely inspected in accordance with the amended DIN 14676 standard. With a regular functional self-test the device checks various parameters, and transmits the results to the tried-and-tested QUNDIS remote readout systems (Q AMR and Q walk-by) via the integrated radio signal.

This means that the device status can be conveniently checked remotely at any time. The annual on-site inspection is no longer required. This simplifies processes and saves costs.

After it is screwed into the base, the smoke alarm goes into operation automatically and sends installation telegrams to the Q AMR radio network or the Q walk-by test readout telegrams.

Using ultrasound, the Q smoke 5.5 R monitors the environment for obstacles and detects or learns any deviations during initial start-up.

Thanks to the monitoring of the smoke inlet opening and the self-test of the warning signal and dirt compensation functions, the detector operates entirely self-sufficiently and reliably.


Q walk-by

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Radio smoke alarm Q smoke 5.5

Radio technology simplifies annual maintenance.

In the event of danger the radio smoke alarm Q smoke 5.5 does not just sound the alarm. The integrated radio module enables status reports to be transmitted via the tried-and-tested QUNDIS remote readout systems Q AMR and Q walk-by.

After it is screwed into the base the smoke alarm automatically begins operations and transmits installation telegrams to the Q AMR radio network or the Q walk-by test readout telegrams.

In addition to the annual visual inspection, remote checking of the condition of the device can also be conveniently implemented for maintenance purposes. This simplifies maintenance processes and saves costs.  The Q smoke 5.5 smoke alarm also enjoys the ‘Q’ seal of quality (tested by the VdS insurance association, approval no. G215027) because it fulfils the european EN 14604:2005 product standard for smoke alarms and the strict vfdb directive 14/01:2010-05. It operates with total reliability thanks to its dirt compensation function.


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Smoke alarm Q smoke Genius H

Reliability and endurance.

The stand-alone smoke alarm Q smoke Genius H represents “Made in Germany” – from the initial development to production. In addition to the EN 14604:2005 product standard the product fulfils the vfdb directive 14/01:2009-10. So it meets the strict requirement of the ’Q’ seal of quality (tested by the VdS insurance association, approval no. G209178). This means that it is one of the quality products on Europe’s smoke alarm market.

To avoid disturbing occupants of the building at night, any status reports (such as low battery) which do not affect the operation of the smoke alarm are deactivated between 22 hrs and 6 hrs (winter time, CET). The visual display is dimmed at night.

The device can be fitted to the ceiling directly using one or two screws, or by means of a special adhesive pad. As an alternative the Q smoke Genius H can be fitted into the existing Hekatron smoke alarm base of the Genius series.

QUNDIS is involved in the “Smoke alarms save lives” initiative

As a supplier of premium-quality smoke alarms we are actively involved in the “Smoke alarms save lives” initiative organised by ‘Forum Brandrauchprävention e. V’. This organisation campaigns not only to ensure that all households are fitted with smoke alarms, but also for the promotion of quality standards. For further information please see the online platform: