Introducing QUNDIS.

About us


Bringing together the best

QUNDIS was created in 2009 by a merger between the long-established companies of QVEDIS (previously Siemens) and KUNDO SystemTechnik. Our company is driven by our workforce of approx. 300 highly qualified specialists, who contribute the know-how and innovative skills which ensure our technological leadership of QUNDIS.

In 2016 QUNDIS received the award of ‘Innovator of the Year’ at Germany’s Mid-sized Company Summit. Its position as the leading company in Germany’s TOP 100 confirms QUNDIS as one of the country’s most innovative pioneers.

Innovation rooted in tradition

For over 30 years now QUNDIS GmbH has been a pioneer in the development of systems for recording consumption data. Our products are focused decisively on the requirements of our customers. System solutions ‘Made by QUNDIS’ help to measure and analyse energy consumption and ensure responsible use of scarce resources.

Leading in Germany and in Europe

In Germany and many European countries the QUNDIS Group is a leading supplier of measuring devices and readout systems for consumption-based billing of water and heating costs. Our devices are now in operation within more than 30 countries, where they are installed in over 6 million residential units. Our customer base includes service companies and OEM partners to the housing industry.

Open systems ensure your independence

Precise data recording and secure data transmission form the focus of our operations. The open QUNDIS systems enable the integration of OMS standard devices from a range of manufacturers. This enables us to provide our customers with the maximum flexibility and independence.

Recently the data can also be made available via the QUNDIS smart metering platform (Q SMP). This high-performance hosting solution simplifies utility cost billing, analyses and monitoring functions.





The network of independent measuring services in Germany

DEUMESS is a central contact network initiated by QUNDIS for all those involved in consumption data recording. Here flexible service providers come into contact with those requiring their services. Via the DEUMESS online portal for the industry, planners and the housing industry can find the right measuring service for their projects quickly and simply. The network provides all users with a new and highly flexible alternative to measuring services tied to the big corporations.


pioneering in integrated smart metering

SMARVIS designs, develops and sells complete system solutions for the housing business. The Erfurt company specialises in particular in the intelligent measurement of energy consumption and transmitting the data for billing purposes. The aim is to provide companies in the housing industry with transparency in relation to the energy consumption in their properties, with the aim of promoting energy savings.

SMARVIS GmbH is part of the QUNDIS Group. It advises companies in the housing business on optimising their utility billing processes.