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30 years QUNDIS – The start of a special anniversary year
The turbulent Covid year of 2020 is over. We stuck it out together and made the best of a difficult situation. And it wasn't the first time that QUNDIS GmbH… read more
QUNDIS awarded the EU’s ecological seal of approval once more
The "EMAS seal" of the European Union is regarded as the highest award for corporate environmental protection. QUNDIS has once again successfully passed the audit carried out by environmental experts… read more
Second phase of the revised EED comes into force
Since 25 October  2020 the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) stipulates that when new technical equipment is installed in buildings, only remotely readable heat meters and heat cost allocators may… read more
New Features for the Q SMP
QUNDIS has provided its Smart Metering Platform (Q SMP) with an update. This contains new process features for the remote maintenance of radio networks with automated meter reading (AMR) for… read more
Chocolate for the environment
In addition to our existing commitments and EMAS certification, we are taking a major step forward in environmental protection: we are donating chocolate for the climate and planting 300 trees… read more

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we asked the team what makes QUNDIS special for them. Sven Heuke, who has been with us since the beginning, didn't have to think twice: the great team, celebrating success together and staying fit for the future!

QUNDIS - 30 years of history - Part I

The contrast could not be greater! The history of QUNDIS goes back to a watch manufacturer from the Black Forest and a nationally owned DDR company. (1/4)

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary! In the course of this we asked some long-standing QUNDIS employees what their most exciting project was. Here is the answer from Eckhard Berghoff, Business Development at QUNDIS for 20 years.

Even though the big celebration is still to come: In the last four days we have held a small "Q together" to celebrate 30 years of QUNDIS with our wonderful staff.


QUNDIS turns 30!
SaMeCo electronic GmbH was founded in 1990, followed by KUNDO SystemTechnik GmbH in 1992 - the foundation stone for what later became QUNDIS GmbH.


QUNDIS celebrates 30 years!
We have reached many milestones - but the most important thing at QUNDIS in all the steps, changes and developments: Every single employee!
#TogetherWeCanDoMore #30yearsQUNDIS

The digitalization of the energy transition continues to make progress. In order to give the subject of data security a higher priority, metering devices manufactured by QUNDIS are now available incl. device-specific AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard).

"The point of consumption-based data collection for water and heat is first and foremost to create equity." Patrick Simoneau, National Director France of QUNDIS GmbH

Consumption-based billing is not only mandatory under § 4 of the Heating Costs Ordinance, it also offers many advantages - for tenants, landlords and the environment.



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