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Chocolate for the environment

In addition to our existing commitments and EMAS certification, we are taking a major step forward in environmental protection: we are donating chocolate for the climate and planting 300 trees in Mexico.

For four years now we have been supporting the international environmental initiative Plant-for-the-Planet (PftP) with information events on climate change and climate protection, as well as with annual tree planting events. Now we are launching a new campaign: in cooperation with PftP we are distributing 1,500 bars of chocolate. These will be donated to social institutions and children’s homes in Erfurt and the surrounding area: for example the Central Germany Children’s Hospice. For every five bars of chocolate a tree will be planted with the support of PftP. As a result 300 new trees will soon be blossoming for the climate on the Yucatán peninsula (Mexico).

The campaign was created in the course of this year’s QUNDIS-Roadshow. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the annual company update for customers and partners took place exclusively digitally. On this occasion we promised to plant a tree for each participant and to give away five bars of PftP chocolate for a good cause. Thank you for the great interest in the digital roadshow! With the help of our customers and partners, in recent years more than 13,000 trees have been planted worldwide in aid of climate protection.